News from the Village of Lima, NY Board of Trustees

Lima Community Solar Coming Soon

The Village of Lima is pleased to announce the implementation of a Community Solar program that will provide residents with renewable energy at a 10% discount off their current electrical supply rates from National Grid. 

Public Information meetings will be held on Thursday, September 24th and Tuesday October 20th.  Both meetings will begin at 7pm and be held at the Lima Ambulance Base, 7024 W. Main St. Detailed information can also be found in the link below.

Lima Community Solar 9-9-2020

You may also attend the meeting via ZOOM using the link below.

Zoom Link for Community Solar Meeting

Village Seeks Full-time Laborer

The Village of Lima is seeking to fill a full-time laborer position.  Experience driving trucks and operating and maintaining equipment is preferred.  All employees of the Village of Lima Department of Public Works must possess a valid NYS drivers license and be willing to work in our highway, water, and sewer departments.  The hourly pay rate is dependent on experience and the Village offers excellent health insurance and retirement benefits. 

For more information please email Ben Luft, Village of Lima Department of Public Works Superintendent at:

Village Board Meetings Now In Person

Starting with the July 14, 2020 Village Board meeting, all Village Board meetings will be in person.  Board meetings are held at the Lima Town Hall and begin at 7pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  All attendees are required to wear face masks and practice appropriate social distancing.

Sidewalk Information Meeting 7-28-2020

The Village of Lima will hold a public information meeting regarding the proposed Sidewalk Connection Project on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7pm. This meeting will be in person and convene at the Lima Town Hall.  All attendees are required to wear face masks and practice appropriate social distancing.

The Final Sidewalk Design Report that has been prepared by Erdmann Anthony engineers can be found using the link below.

Final Sidewalk Design Report

Hazardous Waste & Electronic Recylcling

Livingston County residents may dispose of their household hazardous waste on Saturday, September 19th and their electronic waste on Saturday, September 26th.  Both collection events will be held in Mt. Morris.  To make a reservation or learn more about the events please click on the links below.

Household Hazardous Waster Event

Electronic Recycling Event

Summer Food Assistance

The link below summarized where residents can obtain food assistance during the summer of 2020.

Summer Food Assistance Availability

HFL Summer Recreation Program Cancelled

After hours of research and planning, Town, Village, and School officials have come to the realization that we cannot provide the same camp experience and guarantee student and staff safety. As a result, the Community Summer Rec program will not be offered during 2020. We
understand that the current situation continues to cause difficulties for everyone, and we appreciate your understanding. We look forward to seeing the return of Summer Rec in 2021.

Local Business Recovery Funding

Livingston County Economic Development has created the Local Business Recovery Fund to assist small businesses in Livingston County that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click on the link below for more information on this program.

Livingston County  Local  Business Recovery Fund

News from the Health Department

The Livingston County Health Department would like residents to know that they should still call 911 for all health emergencies.  In addition, a new Covid testing center has opened at Monroe Community College.  Click on the links below for more information on calling 911 and the MCC Covid testing center.

Calling 911 Instructions

Covid Testing At MCC

Need Help Paying for Food ?

If you need assistance purchasing food, please click on the link below to learn more about the SNAP program.

SNAP Flyer

Correll Appoints John Kattato to Board

Mayor John Correll has appointed John Kattato to fill the Trustee vacancy that was created when Carl Luft retired and John Correll moved from Trustee to Mayor.  Mr. Kattato brings decades of community service and business experience to the board.

John Correll Becomes Mayor

John Correll has assumed the position of Mayor of Lima due to the resignation of former Mayor Carl Luft on March 31, 2020.

Correll Appoints New Clerk

Mayor Correll has appointed Amy Hudak as the new Lima Clerk-Treasurer, effective April 15th, 2020.  She replaces Linda Banfield, who recently retired after holding the position for more than 30 years.

Ms. Hudak has spent more than 20 years providing accounting services and financial oversight for several companies within the private sector.  Ms. Hudak obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from SUNY Brockport in 1993, and originates from Scottsville, NY.

In addition to the regular duties of the Village Clerk, Ms. Hudak will be working to implement a new software system which will allow customers to receive and pay bills on line.  In addition, Ms. Hudak will be pivotal with regards to monthly and annual budget preparation, providing accounting oversight, and will assist in the re-design of the Village’s website and Facebook page. 

Coronavirus Information

Village residents may access up to date information about the coronavirus from the Livingston County Health Department using the link below.

 Livingston County Health Department

Sidewalk Project Update

The Village of Lima has hired the Erdmann Anthony engineering firm to design the proposed sidewalks for our federally funded sidewalk connection project.  Erdmann Anthony has completed a survey of the village streets and has provided a preliminary sidewalk layout. This layout can be viewed by clicking on . 

A complete design report and project budget will be presented at a public information meeting in June.  Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021.

Lima Solar Array Goes Online

The Village of Lima’s two acre solar array located behind the Lima Ambulance Base on West Main Street began delivering renewable energy to the power grid on December 17th.  The array consists of 1,296 solar panels that are capable of a peak power production of 350 kW-AC.  Electricity from this facility will supply 100% of the electrical energy needs of all Village of Lima owned facilities.

Construction of the array was made possible by a Power Purchasing Agreement between the Village of Lima and Kendall Sustainable Investments (KSI) of Massachusetts.  KSI provided all the funds necessary for GreenSpark Solar of Ontario, NY to design and build the array.  The Village of Lima agreed to a 25 year lease for the two acre parcel with KSI and will purchase all the energy produced by the array at a fixed price for 25 years. The Village of Lima will begin saving money in the first year of operation.

Lima Awarded $2.4M Water Grant

The Village of Lima was recently notified that they were awarded a $2.4 million grant from the New York State Water Infrastructure Improvement Act.  These funds will cover 60% of the cost of the design and installation of system-wide improvements.  These will include renovation and painting of the water tower, a new emergency supply line from Lima to East Avon, and replacement of water mains, valves, and hydrants on Rochester, Lake, College, and Seneca streets.

Lima Wins $551,107 Sidewalk Grant

On April 24, 2019 the Village of Lima was notified that their grant application for sidewalk extensions was funded in the amount of $551,107 by the New York State Department of Transportation.  Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020 and will include new sidewalk installations on Buell, College,  Dublin, Dalton, Elm, Livingston, Meadow View, and Michigan streets.  A public hearing will be scheduled prior to construction so that residents will be able to comment on the proposed plan.

Lima Solar Array Earns $201,240 Grant

The Village of Lima’s proposed solar array project has been awarded a $201,204 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA).  The array will be located behind the Lima Ambulance Base on West Main Street. Construction on the project is scheduled to begin this spring (2019) and include the installation of 1296 345kW solar panels that will produce approximately 538,000 kWh of electrical energy per year. The output of the array will supply 100% of the Village of Lima’s municipal facilities with renewable energy.

Village Wins Water Improvement Grants

The Village of Lima recently won two grants for improving our drinking water system.  At the request of Mayor Carl Luft, New York State Senator Patrick Gallivan secured a member item grant of $250,000 to defray a majority of the cost of our recent upgrade to our pump station and water tower.  New energy efficient pumps, valves, and electronic controls were installed in the pump house located on Rochester Street near the Lima-Mendon town line.  These upgrades will reduce our energy consumption and greatly improve the reliability of our system.  A mixing device was added to the inside of the water tower located on Seneca Street that will prevent formation of ice inside the tower.

Village Wins Waste Water Treatment Grants

The Village of Lima has won two grants that will defray a major portion of the cost of mandatory upgrades at our Waste Water Treatment Plant on Ziegler Drive.  One grant of $1,860,000 for general improvements, and a second for $1,000,000 for a mandatory effluent disinfectant system will greatly reduce the cost to customers of our Waste Water treatment system.  In addition to these grants, the Village has also secured zero interest financing for the project costs not covered by the above grants.

Village Designated as a Clean Energy Community

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has designated the Village of Lima as a Clean Energy Community.  The Village of Lima earned this distinction and a $5,000 award by completing four high impact practices for reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of clean energy.  The four projects that were completed include the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, streamlining rooftop solar permitting, tracking Village of Lima energy usage on the EPA’s Energy Star website, and completing energy efficiency code training.

In the spring of 2019, the Village of Lima will continue their initiatives to increase the use of renewable energy and decrease overall energy usage.  Construction of a 470kW solar array behind the Lima Ambulance base on West Main Street is scheduled to begin in March of 2019.  This array will generate enough power to supply 100% of the Village of Lima government’s electrical needs.  Also slated for the spring of 2019 is the replacement of all high pressure sodium street lamps with LED bulbs.  This project will result in a $26,000 reduction in leasing and energy costs per year.


Village of Lima’s 350 kW-AC Solar Array

Click on the link below to obtain electrical production data from our array.

Lima Solar Array Production

Girl Scouts Create Trail Map

Lima Girl Scout Troop 60383 led by Jeanne Beutner and Jen Kenny with assistance from Rob Beutner, has created a map of the 3 miles of trails in the Mark Tubbs Memorial Park.  The map will be displayed in the information board at the park.  The Girl Scouts plan to build and install signs on each of the trails in the near future.  To view the map click on the link below. 

Park Trail Map July 2020

Warning: Do Not Flush Wipes

With the increased use of disinfecting wipes, the Village Board would like to remind residents that no type of wipe should be flushed down the toilet, even those advertised as flush-able.

Flushing wipes down the toilet greatly increases the chance of  blockages forming in the sewer pipes that could cause sewage to backup into buildings.